The gig at the Manchester Evening News Arena, part of the singer's Rebel Heart tour, began acrimoniously as a section of the crowd booed the Like A Prayer singer for arriving late on stage.

After the show, which was cut short after running past an agreed finishing time, some attendees complained on social media about their treatment at the hands of those in charge of crowd control.

The allegations included claims some staff had aggressively pushed fans back when Madonna attempted to interact with the crowd, and that one crowdmember had been subjected to homophobic remarks.

A spokesperson for the company employed to manage the crowd at the venue, Showsec, indicated they are investigating the matter, and had been in contact with those who have made allegations to inform them of the company's complaints procedures.

"We are aware of these allegations and have launched an investigation into them, although we are not in a position to comment further at this stage," the spokesperson tells WENN.