LATEST: YOHANE BANDA has leaped to the defence of pop superstar Madonna, insisting his son DAVID "should not be touched" by adoption challengers. On Wednesday (29NOV06), a judge in David's native Malawi ruled his 18 month interim adoption could be challenged by a coalition of 67 human rights groups. Members claim the Malawian government "fast-tracked" the adoption process for the singer and husband Guy Ritchie, and point out intra-country adoptions are not allowed in the African nation. But Banda is fearful their review of adoption laws could bring his son home, and insists a better outcome would be to facilitate international exchanges. He says, "Whatever the outcome of the law reform, David should not be touched. "I don't miss David because reports reaching us here is that he has been sent to one of the expensive schools and hospitals. We are happy here. "I know Madonna loves the child, I want to encourage her to keep on loving David." Banda married his pregnant second wife FLORA KAMANGA in a small ceremony in a Malawian village on 18 November (06).