LATEST: Madonna and her film-maker husband Guy Ritchie have infuriated religious chiefs following their decision to attend a party dressed as a nun and the Pope respectively - at a time when POPE JOHN PAUL II is becoming increasingly frail.

Madonna and Ritchie celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by dressing up for a Kabbalah bash in London last Thursday (24MAR05) - angering Catholic leaders.

America's CATHOLIC LEAGUE president WILLIAM DONAHUE says, "It just goes to show you what a moral slug this man (Ritchie) is that he would get dressed up as the Pope at a time like this.

"We're quite disappointed. We Catholics thought we had finally gotten rid of the witch when she (Madonna) discovered Kabbalah."

However, MADONNA's publicist says, "No disrespect was intended."

29/03/2005 14:05