Madonna's friendship with Sandra Bernhard took an unfunny turn after the comedienne launched into a bitter rant against the superstar during a recent stand-up routine.
The funnywoman and the pop star were tight friends throughout the 1980s and Bernhard once famously joked she had slept with the singer and her first husband Sean Penn.
But, in a tirade during a stand-up routine in Toronto, Canada, Bernhard turned against Madonna when a fan heckled her from the audience, inquiring about the state of the pair's friendship.
The 53-year-old comedienne quickly quipped she no longer considers herself akin to the star.
Toronto columnist Shinan Govani tells the New York Post, "She (Bernhard) descended into this mad, dark, five-minute freestyle, where she mercilessly mocked the Queen of Pop by repeatedly chanting, 'We Only Got Four Minutes to Save the World,' (and) at one point screamed, 'My chicken is raw!' After all that, she paused pregnantly and asked, deadpan: 'Does that answer your question?'"
Govani also adds Bernhard had a few words for the star's new famous friends. She adds in her own column for Toronto Life: "Sandra began to crap on all the celebrities who like to brag that they 'work out three hours a day, like Madonna,' she said, 'like Gwyneth Paltrow.'"