The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been reprimanded for the foul language of stars including Madonna and comedian Chris Rock at last year's (07) Live Earth concert.
The U.K.'s TV watchdog Ofcom ruled the network was wrong for allowing "the most offensive language" to be aired before the 9pm watershed at the London leg of the live event in July (07).
Twenty-two viewers complained about the swearing of a number of stars, including Rock's expletive-filled introduction for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Madonna's foul-mouthed shout-out to the crowd, when she screamed: "I want you to start jumping. Come on motherf**kers!"
Ofcom decided the BBC should have made more of an attempt to edit the footage or 'bleep out' the swearing - especially when the first expletive was uttered at 1.58pm, sparking a flurry of complaints from angry viewers.
The report of the findings reads: "The most offensive language had been broadcast on BBC One and BBC Two repeatedly before the watershed and this material was not justified by the context of broadcasts that were likely to appeal to children.
"The likely audience would have expected to have been protected from the most offensive language in such a programme on BBC TV's flagship services."
Ofcom added that the BBC's actions were so serious, regulators considered slapping them with a fine - but consequently decided a stern reprimand was adequate.