Pop superstar Madonna has come under fire from British singer Lily Allen, who brands the MATERIAL GIRL the most over-rated figure in pop history. The 21-year-old, whose debut single SMILE topped the UK charts last month (JUL06), insists the 47-year-old is past her best and should quit the industry immediately. She tells Britain's GQ magazine, "I haven't got anything against her at all but I don't think anything she's done since the early Eighties has really been, like, 'wow'. "She might have meant something once but I don't know many people my age who care." Allen, who has courted controversy in recent weeks for her outspoken comments on drug use, also attacks troubled Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty, calling for the singer's "extermination". She says, "I do think he has to be exterminated. It is a bit dull, isn't it? I've always been surrounded by smackheads anyway. It's like, 'Get over it.'"