Madness frontman Graham 'suggs' Mcpherson became a wedding singer over the weekend (08-09Jun13) when he stepped in to perform for a newly-married couple at their reception.

The ska star was a guest at a wedding in Cornwall, England on Saturday (08Jun13), but he became the centre of attention at the reception by accepting an offer to help out a local band which had been booked to play.

Suggs' wife was the first to take to the stage with the band, Sandy Acre 7, and she eventually persuaded her husband to join in, performing Madness hit It Must Be Love for the happy couple.

Sandy Acre 7 frontman Chris Ryan tells, "I'd spotted him earlier on the dancefloor and thought I'd recognised him. It turned out he was a friend of theirs (the couple) but we hadn't been told. His wife had actually been up doing some backing vocals with us earlier in the set. It was near the end, they kept asking us to keep going and we were in danger of running out of songs, when she dragged him up to the front and he asked us if we knew It Must Be Love. He was lovely, really, the loveliest celebrity I've ever met."