Madness frontman Graham 'suggs' Mcpherson was given a royal telling-off after Queen Elizabeth Ii's Diamond Jubilee concert in June (12) when Princess Beatrice reprimanded him for dropping his drink in Buckingham Palace.

The 80s pop stars played a set on the roof of the royal residence in London to celebrate the British monarch's 60 years on the throne, and the acts featured in the gig were invited to meet the Queen after the show.

However, Suggs was left red-faced after spilling his drink - and he incurred the wrath of a royal onlooker.

Speaking to U.K. Tv host Kate Garraway, he says, "I actually dropped my cup on the floor. Princess Beatrice pulled me up and said, 'You can't be dropping stuff on my Granny's carpet'. But fortunately I survived head intact to tell the tale."