Madness frontman Graham 'suggs' Mcpherson and The Specials star Jerry Dammers spent three hours marooned on Lake Geneva after a speedboat stunt went wrong.

The two British musicians hired the vessel during a trip to Montreux, Switzerland, but disaster struck when Dammers attempted a James Bond-style jump on a ramp.

The craft's propeller jammed in the wooden slope and the two stars were stuck onboard the boat for three hours until rescue crews saved them.

In his new memoirs, MCPherson writes, "In Montreux, with The Specials' Jerry Dammers, I hired a boat with a tiny outboard motor and went out on Lake Geneva. Jerry has a thing about James Bond, and when he spotted a water jump, he shot towards it at full throttle, only to get stuck halfway up, with the propeller jammed in the wood. It was three hours before we were rescued."