Mad Max director George Miller is set to make a fourth movie about the apocalyptic road warrior but this one won't feature Mel Gibson. The actor starred in Miller's three previous Mad Max movies - the last being Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985 - but he won't be a part of the fourth and final installment. Miller tells he was ready to start shooting the prequel when he lost his budget. He says, "We were about three months off shooting when the Iraqi war came and the American dollar collapsed against the Australian dollar so we lost our budget. "Also, we couldn't get the container ships out because of security and stuff." At that point, Miller reveals, Gibson was onboard to reprise his most famous character - but now the movie-maker is looking for a new Mad Max. He adds, "The time has gone where Mel can be in it. I think the last opportunity was about four years ago... He was 21 when he first played Mad Max and he's now in his 50s... The time's gone when Mel can run around the wasteland. "Also I think he's much more interested in what's happening behind camera than in front."