Macy Gray is set to make pal ROSIE O'DONNELL's day, thanks to a co-hosting stint on a late night chat show.

The singer spent last week co-hosting America's THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW, and when she was offered any gift from a Hollywood Boulevard souvenir shop on Friday night (08AUG03) as a thank you, she selflessly chose a gift for her pal O'Donnell.

Gray picked out a $350 (GBP219) leather jacket with Tom Cruise's image on the back, stating, "I'll get that for Rosie. She'll love that."

Retired O'Donnell regularly admitted she was madly in love with Cruise on her now defunct daily talk show.

Meanwhile, there was another surprise in store for Gray on her last night - former Baywatch babe Brooke Burns confessed she conceived her daughter while listening to the singer's debut album.

Macy said, "There you have it - if you want to have kids just buy my album."

11/08/2003 17:28