Macy Gray has revamped Stevie Wonder's groundbreaking 1972 album Talking Book in its entirety for a 40th anniversary release.

After covering her favourite tunes on her last album Covered, Gray opted to release her rendition of the songs on her favourite album.

The 45-year-old I Try singer tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We were talking about ideas for cover songs and (producer Hal) Wilner goes, 'You know what you should do is a whole album. Everyone remakes movies, but no one remakes albums.'

"I thought that was a wild idea so I was like, ‘Yes!' I picked Talking Book 'cause that’s one of my favourite records and I know it inside out."

Gray's Talking Book is released on Tuesday (30Oct12) and she can only hope that Wonder likes what she has done with classic tracks like You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) and Superstition.

She adds, "I was just really nervous if he was going to like it or not (sic). I don’t know how he feels about it yet. I’m scared to ask him."