Macy Gray only stopped taking drugs because they made her look "really bad".

The 'I Try' singer - who has taken a number of illegal substances over the years - admits the main reason why she cut down on the amount of drugs she took was because they started affecting the way she looked.

She told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "It's vanity, really. At a certain age drugs make you look really bad. When you're 20 you can party all night and look good; you wake up, throw on some sunglasses, you look great. Once you get into your 30s it takes a long time to shake it off. I was like, 'I can't do this anymore, it's starting to show!' "

Although the mother-of-three - who raises children Aanisah, 15, Mel, 14 and Happy, 12, alone - is getting older, she has felt a lot more comfortable in her skin since she turned 40 last September.

She said: "I got over it real quick. I like saying I'm 40 better than I liked saying I was 39, which is like you're on a ledge of something."