Macy Gray has slammed reports she's jealous of U.S. President Barack Obama's wife and wants "to have his kids" -accusing a New York newspaper of taking her words out of context. The singer counts herself among a long list of celebrities supporting the country's new leader, who was inaugurated into office on 20 January (09) - but insists her words were twisted and turned into a "disrespectful" story.
Gray was quoted in the New York Posts Page Six column on Thursday (22Jan09) as saying: "I'm in love with Barack Obama... I wanna get married. Why am I not Michelle (Obama)? You know, why can't I be her?"
She explains to "I portray a character in the Starz comedy series Head Case, which is a produced show about a wacky psychiatrist who is wackier than her patients. My character admits that she thinks Obama is hot. It is innocent and funny.
"The quotes printed by Page Six were taken completely out of context and needs to be recognised that it is dialogue from a scripted television program. It's ridiculous. It'd be just like saying Ali Wentworth (who plays the psychiatrist in Head Case) is licensed to treat and diagnose real therapy patients.
"I respect and love our new president and his family just as you do and would never disrespect them in any way."
Gray's show is scheduled to air in March (09).