Rapper Macklemore has been left stunned after learning Eminem's a big fan.

The Not Afraid hitmaker revealed he's fond of MACklemore & Ryan Lewis' new album The Heist in a new Rolling Stone article - and the news came like an early Christmas present for the Thrift Shop hitmaker.

Eminem told the publication, "He's really dope... I think there's very technical s**t that he does. He's a really good songwriter, too. Conceptually, the s**t he does is pretty f**kin' incredible."

The quote prompted MACklemore to respond and he tells the magazine, "I really want to Instagram that quote, but Ryan told me I shouldn't. I think I still might.

"What meant the most to me out of all that s**t, is what he said about the technical stuff, and the songwriting. Because I think a lot of people do, for whatever reason, think that there's not a technical skill set to what I bring to the records. And to have Em validate that - I mean, that's like the technician of technical rap. So that was super fresh to me. And obviously he's Em, he's one of the best rappers ever."