Macklemore's house ''feels like a ballet studio''.

The 35-year-old musician has two daughters, three-year-old Sloane Ava Simone and 11-month-old Colette Koala, and has said the tots have begun to take over his home with their growing passion for dancing.

He said: ''My house sometimes feels like a ballet studio or like a repeat of the movie 'Frozen' in my living room. Sloane puts on the song and dances around and takes all the pillows off of the couch and starts jumping and doing leaps and somersaults.''

Colette is set to celebrate her first birthday this weekend, and the 'Marmalade' hitmaker - who has both his daughters with his wife Tricia Davis - says she's already showing dancing prowess.

He added: ''[Colette is] walking, she's got some teeth ... and she can do the robot.''

Whilst Sloane is determined to ''do it all'' when it comes to talents, as she's developed a love for dancing, painting, and has even started to rhyme words with the promise of a music career when she's older.

Macklemore said: ''She's painting all the time, she's doing ballet, she's singing, she's dancing. She's starting to rhyme words a little bit, so who knows where that's going to go? No pressure. It's so fun to be able to watch your kid express themselves and find out the joys of creating and expressing yourself. Vicariously, it has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience to watch that process.''

And the 'Good Old Days' rapper says Sloane has her sights set on stardom, no matter what talent she decides to pursue.

Speaking to People magazine, he said: ''Sloane watched 'American Idol' and was asking me to get her tickets to 'American Idol' in Hollywood. She was saying, 'Daddy, will you get me tickets to Hollywood?' It was pretty sweet.''