Shamed actress Mackenzie Phillips once sold her body while she was pregnant to help fund her spiralling drug habit, according to a sensational new tabloid report.
The former child star stunned fans and family last month (Sep09) by going public with news of a 10-year incestuous relationship she had with her late father John, a singer with The Mamas & The Papas.
She details the incident in her new book High on Arrival, but according to a longtime family friend, that's not all of Phillips' secrets - she reportedly also worked as a high-class call girl to bring in the cash to pay for her drug habit.
The un-named insider tells the National Enquirer, "There's a period in her life MACkenzie completely glossed over in her book. Drugs led her down the path to prostitution.
"MACkenzie fell into a friendship with a Hollywood madam and quickly found work as a jet-setting call girl. She was in her late 20s and pregnant with her son Shane.
"She was shooting cocaine and so strung out she couldn't get work acting or singing, so she connected with a well-known Hollywood madam. Her clients were extremely high-end and extremely discreet. They'd take her on trips to exotic places. She was arm candy for them.
"...She said the really twisted thing was being hired specifically because she was pregnant. She made a lot of money quickly and used it on drugs."
Phillips allegedly quit the call girl job when she gave birth to son Shane in 1987.