Actress Mackenzie Phillips' latest cosmetic surgery procedure is to be broadcast on US TV after the former wildchild agreed to promote a new anti-ageing technique on news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT.

The AMERICAN GRAFFITI star is such a fan of pioneering surgeon DR STUART KAPLAN's Sculptra injections, which are applied to skin around the face, she agreed to let TV cameras shoot her latest touch-up.

In the piece, which will air tonight (02FEB05), Kaplan explains, "As we get older, we lose subcutaneous fat in the hollows of our cheeks. Sculptra is good for treating those areas. I always tell my patients it doesn't make someone look younger. It just makes them look a little better."

Phillips explains the best thing about the Sculptra shots is you can have them in your lunch hour - and they don't freeze the face like Botox does.

Phillips admits she's no stranger to cosmetic procedures: "Six years ago I had my eyes done, upper and lower. I've had Restlyn in my lips to plump them."

02/02/2005 21:17