Actress Mackenzie Phillips has been inundated with messages of thanks from fellow incest survivors after revealing all about a sick 10-year sexual affair she had with her father, MAMAS & THE PAPAS founder John Phillips.
The star has shocked fans of her dad by detailing her strange romance with the California Dreamin' hitmaker in a new memoir, High on Arrival - and she hit headlines on Wednesday (23Sep09) when she sat down with Oprah Winfrey to talk about the scandal on U.S. TV.
Phillips told Winfrey she hoped that her revelations would make incest a talking point in America - and it appears she got her wish.
Re-appearing on Oprah on Friday (25Sep09), she said, "I expected there to be controversy, but I certainly never expected it to be like this... I had no idea there were so many incest survivors on (social networking website) Facebook.
"I mean, I've gotten at least 150 letters from women saying, 'I lived through this,' and people saying, 'You go MAC, own your truth...' It's been very heartening (and) heartbreaking at the same time.
"Nobody's talking about this... so if I started a national dialogue that's gonna help people face these issues then I am forever grateful that I've had this opportunity."
Earlier in the week, Phillips told Winfrey, "I know that I can't be the only one this has happened to... Someone needs to put a face on not only non-consensual incest but consensual incest because I know it exists. I know it's happening in families and I can't be the only person to have lived through this."