Mackenzie Crook has irritated his neighbours by refusing to cut down a beech tree.

The 'Office' actor lives in a house that was once owned by late British comedian Peter Sellers, and insists he won't chop down the foliage because Peter planted it.

He said: "There's a huge beech tree at the bottom of the garden that Sellers planted. The neighbours want me to chop it down because it casts a shadow over their garden but I won't. I like the fact that he is p**sing off the neighbours from beyond the grave."

Mackenzie's big break came when comedian Ricky Gervais chose him to appear in UK TV show 'The Office'.

Without Ricky, the 37-year-old actor admits he might still be earning a living as Charlie Cheese, the character he used to assume for stand-up shows.

He explained: "It was my big break. Absolutely. I don't like to think what I'd be doing if it hadn't come along. Would I still be doing Charlie Cheese? I know an awful lot of great actors who haven't had that kind of break."