British actor Mackenzie Crook was unprepared to work with "intense" movie great Al Pacino, because he had spent so many years under the laid-back direction of his The Office co-star Ricky Gervais.
The Pirates of the Caribbean star worked on two series of the hit British comedy and admits that Gervais - who wrote and directed the TV show - was an easygoing boss, who let the cast joke around on set.
Crook insists it was a big shock to go from The Office to starring alongside Al Pacino in 2004's adaptation of The Merchant of Venice.
He says, "Pacino was so intense and would have us up till the early hours rehearsing our lines over and over.
"Gervais, on the other hand, shuffles around the studio carpet building up static charges on his shoes before creeping up and giving us electric shocks."