Rap veteran Mack 10 has been ordered to pay almost $230,000 (£143,750) to a business associate after failing to repay a loan.
The hip-hop star, real name Dedrick Rolison, borrowed $35,000 (£21,875) from Tadayuki Ito in April, 2010, on the condition that he settles the debt plus 100 per cent interest by August that year.
According to Tmz.com, Rolison took out another loan from Ito just days after the initial deal, agreeing to take $65,000 (£40,625) and pay back double the amount by the end of September, 2010.
Ito sued the rapper when he struggled to meet the payback deadlines, and when Rolison was a no-show for a recent court date, a California judge entered a default judgement, demanding the star hand over the six-figure sum to cover the original loans and the exorbitant interest, in addition to legal fees.