Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn documented his emergency double hernia surgery on film in case he died while under anaesthesia.

The group was forced to cancel a handful of shows while Flynn underwent the procedure on 14 November (12) and the rocker confesses he was so worried about the operation, he filmed the hospital visit and his final days in case he passed away under the knife.

The Locust hitmaker tells, "I mean, at first, it was just kind of a goof, like I want to see what I look like coming out of all this great anaesthesia and all the great drugs they've got me on. I don't know. I guess I was a little nervous and I just wanted to film it.

"Lots of dudes are, like, 'I'm f**king invincible'. Even if that's how I feel sometimes, that isn't the way life goes... People were stoked about it, like, 'Wow, man, that's a pretty brutal thing to show,' and it was pretty f**king brutal those first couple of days. I had to have... (someone) with me the whole time, lifting my legs into bed. It took me about a minute to stand and a minute to sit down or lay down.

"I just felt like doing (filming) it and even for my own posterity just to see this moment in my life, and I guess I thought I might die or something under the anaesthesia.

"My goddamn wife (Genevra) planted all these stories in my head and I was like, 'Jesus Christ, stop telling me all this c**p,' and so I was like, 'Maybe if this is the last time, f**k it, there it is.' It's like this morbid thing going through my head, but that's just how my brain was thinking at the time."