Machine Head rockers Robb Flynn and ADAM DUCE are undergoing therapy after a series of bitter fights threatened the future of the band.Frontman Flynn reveals he quit the group on the first night of MAChine Head's 2008 European tour in Paris, France, and only returned to complete the road trip after bassist Duce reached out for a truce.
The pair have since reconciled and the group is currently touring to support Metallica in the U.S. - but both stars are still seeking professional help to maintain their relationship.
Flynn writes online, "Adam and I have been going to therapy... to work out our bulls**t. And oh how we needed to do this After 17 years of being in a band together, touring together for a large majority of that time, weve accumulated a lot of s**t between the two of us thats either been put off or swept under the rug, and frankly, it all reached a boiling point on the first night in Paris.
"To summarise briefly, after a massive two-day-long fight, I quit the band. I was gonna be on a plane the next day and, as far as I was concerned, I was never gonna see the dude again for the rest of my life.
"That next day, he came by, and we agreed to try and sort it out to try therapy before it all fell apart. We agreed that the band meant more to us, that our friendship meant more to us, and that neither was something the two of us (four of us, for that matter) wanted to lose."
And Flynn insists the therapy is working: "All in all, its going okay. We both bring a lot of baggage to the table, as, frankly, were both pretty f**ked up. We still have a lot of work ahead of usbut were working at it. We dont want to lose this.
"After all weve been through, to lose this band, our friendship, now, would seem like the hugest of failures.