Heavy rockers Machine Head will never play another show in San Diego, California - they've "fired" the city because concert audiences there are too boring.
Frontman Robb Flynn insists he never has a good time when the band plays in the city, so they won't be going back.
He tells Drivetime guy David Grant on Rock Radio based in Glasgow, Scotland, "A lot of crowds are awesome. But if we're playing San Diego, we're not going to go on the radio and say, 'San Diego crowds are awesome' - because they're not. They're beat. That's MAChine Head slang for 'We don't like them.'
"They don't come to a show and rage and go crazy. They come to a show and say, 'Okay... this is cool. Oh, I like this song.' We're not into that. I don't know why they come to a rock show with that kind of attitude. So we don't go to San Diego anymore. They're fired."