American rockers Machine Head have cancelled the remaining dates on their current tour, after guitarist PHIL DEMMEL collapsed onstage for the second time in four months.
Demmel was taken ill during a gig in Sheffield, England on Friday night (12Dec08), just months after a longterm heart condition caused him to collapse at a U.S. concert back in August.
After the first incident, Demmel revealed he has battled cardioenic syncopic episodes, which stop his heart from pumping enough blood, for the past 17 years.
The latest collapse has prompted the band to axe gigs supporting Slipknot in Antwerp, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Bassist Adam Duce says, "After considering the seriousness of Phil's health condition, we all feel that skipping these last two shows is the best thing to do.
"It's a bummer to end this tour like this after doing nine amazing weeks and three continents with Slipknot, but getting Phil back to the States to get checked out is the most important thing right now.
"We understand that it's a big disappointment to the fans, and Phil is very sorry about it, but we all feel that his health and safety is most important at this time."