LATEST: Machine Head rocker PHIL DEMMEL's collapse onstage in Virginia on Sunday (17Aug08) was caused by a heart condition he has suffered for 17 years.
The guitarist complained about feeling light-headed moments before passing out onstage at the Nissan Theater in Bristow.
At the time it was blamed on dehydration - but now Demmel has spoken out to reveal he suffers from cardiogenic syncopic episodes when his heart fails to pump enough blood, causing him to faint.
Demmel says, "I've suffered from episodes of Cardiogenic Syncope for the last 17 years or so but (doctors) ran a series of tests that came up inconclusive. I hadn't had it happen for awhile until last December in Italy, when I passed out roughly about the time my father passed away back in the States. The incident in Virginia felt similar to what has happened in the past.
"I will be seeing my specialist within the week. I appreciate all the concern from all my family, friends and fans."
Demmel and the band returned to the stage on Tuesday (19Aug08) to close their Rockstar Mayhem tour in Darien Lake, New York.