Machine Head rocker PHIL DEMMEL is convinced one of the band's songs, and not his medical condition, caused him to pass out onstage in Finland on Saturday (25Jul09).
The incident, his fourth concert collapse in less than a year, has been blamed on cardiogenic syncope, which prevents enough oxygen reaching his brain.
Demmel admits he suffers the condition, but instead claims the fainting was the result of exhaustion and over exertion during his rendition of the track Halo.
The guitarist insists, "Saturday's episode was different than the previous. I felt it before we went on and probably should've gotten oxygen before Halo. Three of the four (onstage) collapses have happened during that song.
"This run has been the most gruelling travelling that we've done in a looooong time and I'm fairly confident that my condition had nothing to do with this (most recent collapse)."
Demmel recovered in time to perform in Denmark on Monday (27Jul09) night, and resume the band's tour.