The members of American rock act Machine Head are fearing for the health of guitarist PHIL DEMMEL after he suffered a series of unexplained seizures.The band was forced to cancel the remaining dates on a recent European tour when Demmel passed out onstage in Sheffield, England in December (08).
It was the second time it had happened during a gig, and band frontman Robb Flynn reveals Demmel had fainted on numerous other occasions in private.
In a posting on the band's website, Flynn writes, "It had been happening a bit on this last tour, most dramatically in Paris where, for no apparent reason, at one in the afternoon, he collapsed face first into a wooden table and broke two glass ashtrays on his chest and had to go to the hospital.
"For the most part, none (of the seizures) were public or onstage, so they werent publicised, but were very concerned, worried, and a little scared about whats going on. Its confusing.
"Because its so random, frankly, it seems dangerous. The doctors hes been seeing, in my opinion, havent been doing enough, and the advice theyve given him is ridiculous."
Flynn adds Demmel has toned down his rock star lifestyle in a bid to get healthy: "He seems to be feeling good, and it hasnt happened since then, which is a great sign. Hes working to change his habits and to be a little healthier."