Macaulay Culkin is working on a new album.

The 35-year-old star is teaming up with his band Pizza Underground once more to create another LP, although a release date is yet to be announced.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''We have an album coming out, a vinyl pressing with a children's choir, a symphony orchestra. We're giving it away, our gift to the world.''

Pizza Underground haven't done anything since they cancelled their UK tour and Primavera Sound appearance after they were pelted with beer and booed offstage at the Nottingham leg of the Dot To Dot festival in 2014.

Speaking about the band, Macaulay admitted: ''It's one of those good ideas you have when you're drunk, and you wake up and forget about it. But we're taking it to the end of the joke.''

When asked if he still finds the joke funny, the 'Home Alone' star said: ''Of course I find it funny! We rhyme mushrooms with mushrooms, come on. It's the same joke, relentlessly. Like, they're really doing this?''

When they cancelled their 2014 tour, Pizza Underground tweeted their fans: ''Sad that we had to cancel UK shows. Believe it or not we had fun! But all good things must end, and sometimes suddenly and w/o explanation.''

In a response to a fan question, the band said the cancellations ''had nothing to do with the beer tossers''. Instead they said they had to ''deal with a cheesemergency.''