HOME ALONE star Macaulay Culkin has signed to star in his own sitcom on American TV network NBC next year (04).

The 23-year-old actor has already met with LATE NIGHT host CONAN O'BRIEN - a former writer on THE SIMPSONS - about the possibility of collaborating on a project.

NBC's development boss KEVIN REILLY says of Culkin, "We're going to use him in an unconventional way. I don't think you'll see Macaulay as a straight-down-the-middle romantic lead. I think you'll see him in something surprising, a little offbeat."

Macaulay's comic timing caught the attention of network bosses when he took on a guest-starring role in hit sitcom WILL + Grace.

Reilly explains, "He came out and just did a great turn on that show. He reminded everyone here that he possesses genuine talent.

"There are certain child stars who figure out how to translate that talent to adulthood, and I think Macaulay's been waiting for the right time to come back and re-emerge as a star."

30/10/2003 09:43