A few moths ago, when photographs emerged of Macaulay Culkin looking gaunt and haggard, it seemed almost inevitable that rumors of the former child star's drug abuse would continue to haunt him. It's a familiar story in the world of Hollywood; young actors that show so much promise as children fade into obscurity, interesting the media only with the tale of their dramatic declines. It happened to Edward Furlong, it happened to the late Corey Haim but is it happening to MACaulay Culkin, as we speak?
Whilst many of his contemporaries have managed to maintain steady and successful acting careers, MACaulay has faltered. Anna Chlumsky, who starred alongside Culkin in My Girl, has a leading role in Armando Ianucci's political TV series Veep, whilst Culkin's former girlfriend Mila Kunis is hot property in Hollywood right now and recently starred alongside Seth Macfarlane and Mark Wahlberg in 'Ted'. MACaulay, on the other hand, hasn't starred in a significant movie since 2003's Party Monster. The movie told the tale of a group of young adults whose lives are slowly destroyed by their hard-partying, drug-taking lifestyle. Sadly, recent reports suggest life may imitating art for Culkin, who seems to spend his time as a DJ, of sorts, in New York City. When rumours of his ill-heath surfaced back in February, Culkin went to ground and left his iPod at Le Poisson Rouge club where he normally works as a disc jockey.
According to the club's website, Culkin is scheduled to make an appearance this Thursday (August 9, 2012) for the clubnight, which is handily named 'MACaulay Culkin's iPod' and given the attention that he has received in the press recently, all eyes will be on Bleecker Street where the club is located, to see whether or not he shows up. Last week, the National Enquirer published a story suggesting that he is currently nursing a heroin habit. His publicist vehemently denied the claims and he made an appearance at old pal Natalie Portman's wedding over the weekend. Whether or not he makes a show at the club night, the fact that he's gone from a potentially glittering movie career to seemingly working once a week plugging in his iPod at a New York nightclub is a hell of a fall from grace.