Macauley Culkin's father KIT is fuming after the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS published what they called an "exclusive" interview on Sunday (03APR05), in which he spoke frankly about his children's experiences as close companions of troubled superstar Michael Jackson.

Kit is adamant he never gave an interview to DAPHNE BARAK and did not authorise any such publication - claiming the journalist used material from a proposed book without permission, according to esteemed Fox News correspondent ROGER FRIEDMAN.

Last autumn (04), Barak visited Kit and his co-author Jeanette Krylowski in Oregon to film them for a TV special where she heard Kit read segments of the book, and she suggested he send it to a literary agent linked to Jackson's parents.

Krylowski says, "She told me to send it to CHARLES COUPET, an agent in New York. Daphne said he handled JOSEPH and Katherine Jackson.

But Coupet and his associates were less than impressed with the book.

She continues, "They continually told me how bad it was. They laughed at it once. I just never told Kit how bad they told me it was. (Barak's assistant) ERBIL told me he went crazy just trying to read through it."

Following the negative response to their narrative, Kit and Krylowski were shocked to discover their copyrighted material printed in the New York Daily News - and that Coupet is not a listed literary agent, reports Friedman.

In the article Kit says he saw no signs of child molestation during his children's numerous stays at the BAD singer's Neverland ranch.

08/04/2005 02:53