Former child actor Macaulay Culkin has made a public plea in defence of his pal MICHAEL JACKSON - instead of testifying at the THRILLER singer's child molestation trial.

HOME ALONE star Culkin was one of five children named in a 1993 abuse investigation who were said to have slept in Jackson's bedroom.

And although Culkin, who is godfather to Jackson's first child Prince MICHAEL I, has been advised against defending the singer in court, he has issued a statement in which he insists people wrongly construe Jackson's innocent actions as paedophilic.

He says, "Nothing ever happened when I stayed there, we just played video games. Michael's bedroom is on two floors. Yeah, I slept in his bedroom, but you have to understand the whole scenario.

"He's not very good at explaining himself and he never has been, because he's not a very social person. When he says something, he doesn't quite understand why people treat him the way they do.

"I think he likes young people because they don't know who he is. I talked to him like he was a normal human being."

09/02/2005 14:07