Macaulay Culkin's father KIT has attacked Michael Jackson for comparing his troubled childhood to the plight of young cancer victims, who have lost their formative years to illness.

Kit got to know the BAD superstar after he befriended his HOME ALONE star son, but he became increasingly disgusted with Jackson after he persistently blamed his infantile behaviour on his child stardom, and compared himself to young famine and cancer sufferers.

Kit complains, "Poor, poor little Michael. Poor little Michael didn't have a childhood. In interview after interview over the years, and to all who will listen, Michael has compared his plight to cancer victims who have lost their childhoods to disease and to the starving who have lost theirs to famine.

"That he believes himself to be one of them, and he probably does, is not just silly, it's also downright insulting."

04/04/2005 17:40