Actor Macaulay Culkin's estranged father KIT is adamant under fire pop star Michael Jackson did not sleep with his son during visits to the THRILLER singer's Neverland ranch.

The HOME ALONE star was befriended by Jackson after he shot to fame as a child actor - and prosecution lawyers in the 46-year-old's child molestation trial want Macaulay to testify about the time he in spent in Jackson's company.

But Kit is adamant Jackson always behaved appropriately towards his children and any testimony his son might give would do nothing to bolster the prosecution's case.

He says, "I never saw or heard anything at all during my early days of knowing Michael to suggest that he was a paedophile. My kids never slept with Michael.

"Whenever at Neverland, they always had their own quarters. Michael's bedroom was almost always an open place to hang out in, as was most all of the rest of the house. My children would sit on the bed, as would I, to play cards or checkers, but then we would do so most everywhere else also.

"They might of occasion fall asleep there, just as they might of occasion fall asleep most anywhere else."

Kit is convinced he would have sensed something was wrong if Jackson's intentions towards his children had not been honourable.

He adds, "None of my children, either by word or action or sense of feeling, ever reported or otherwise conveyed to me that paedophilia was a part of the menu at Neverland, or anywhere else that they might happen to be with Michael.

"I believe that I would have picked up on something if anything between any one of them and Michael had been amiss."

04/04/2005 03:36