LATEST: PARTY MONSTER actor Macaulay Culkin's upcoming debut book will tell the tale of his life as a child star, but publishers insist the tome isn't an autobiography.

Although the former HOME ALONE star's first literary effort, JUNIOR, will feature factual details about his family struggles and the difficulties he had to confront as adulthood loomed, bosses at MIRAMAX BOOKS say the novel also has a strong fictional component to it.

A Miramax statement, as quoted on American gossip site THE SCOOP, reveals, "Part memoir, part rant, part comedic tour-de-force, Junior is full of the hard-won wisdom of Culkin's quest to come to terms with the awesome pressures of childhood mega-stardom and family dysfunction.

"He understands that 'having fun and being happy are two totally different things', yet at the same time he warns, 'The end of the world is coming and I'm going to have unfinished business.'"

13/05/2004 20:58