Macaulay Culkin's estranged father KIT has re-emerged from years of hiding with a new tell-all book.

Kit, who once managed the careers of his offspring, became a hermit more than seven years ago, after a vicious custody battle over his seven children.

He's now out of seclusion with a TV special in the works and an upcoming book, where he declares his "Pearl Harbor" day to be 20 June 1995 - when he began a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife PATRICIA that would last two years.

Kit, who now lives in Oregon with his girlfriend JEANETTE, also hits out at allegations he physically abused his ex.

Jeanette tells American TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "She said he beat her, he's a drunk. I yell at him all the time. I mean, if he was going to be a violent man then I'd certainly know.

"His whole life was destroyed. Her custody battle it was to take over the business and at the end, she did.

"He scrubbed floors in a church to get them into private school 'cause he could not afford it, and they have the nerve, those kids, to call him a waste of space."

07/11/2004 10:37