Macaulay Culkin has credited girlfriend Mila Kunis with turning his bachelor pad into a proper house - and now he's trying to convince her to set up home with him.

The HOME ALONE star admits he didn't even have a bed when he first started dating Kunis.

He says, "Before I had a girlfriend, I had a beanbag and a TV on the floor and a gigantic medieval table and that was it.

"She made me get a bed. I got some couches. I hate all that stuff. We painted a little bit because it was just this big, white room."

And New York-based Culkin is so impressed with Kunis' touch, he's keen to buy a house with her in Los Angeles.

He adds, "She's like, 'Oh, I'm not ready to settle down yet.' I said, 'I'm not asking for kids, I don't want to marry you. I just said, Let's buy a house.'

"I find the proposition of buying a house more exciting than going to a club, while she probably finds going to a club a lot more exciting."

31/05/2004 02:36