Actor Macaulay Culkin has slammed his estranged father KIT - accusing him of giving the HOME ALONE star a bad reputation in Hollywood circles.

Culkin's upcoming comedy SAVED! is only his second movie in eight years, partially, he claims, because of the damage done by his manager father.

Kit gained a negative reputation in Hollywood for being overly demanding and difficult.

And, seven years after ending his father's control of his career, Culkin claims there are still repercussions.

He says, "Because of the way my father was and the way he treated people, there are some people who won't sit down in the same room as me. And that's sad and unfortunate, but that's the truth of the scenario.

"That happened like a year or so ago to me. My manager called me up and said, 'There's something that your father did.'

"I said, 'You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna wait 'til that person's kid grows up and I'm gonna work with him, because I'm not gonna blame his father 'cause the son doesn't know any better."

19/05/2004 01:41