Macaulay Culkin has no wish to make peace with his estranged father CHRISTOPHER - he doesn't even want to know where he lives.

The former child star cut his dad, who helped turned him into a Hollywood star, out of his life when he was a teenager because he was tired of making movies and being controlled.

But the HOME ALONE star admits the worst thing about his manipulative father was the way he tried to control his son.

In a rare interview on CNN's LARRY KING SHOW, Culkin explains, "He was always the way he was - before money, before fame, before anything like that... he wasn't always a good person.

"He was very controlling; he played games with you just to make sure you were still in your place. I remember, near the end, I was making God knows how much money and I didn't have a bed; I didn't even have a room. I was sleeping on a couch.

"I don't wanna talk about how big his bed was, or how big his television was. It was more to prove a point."

And, as far as a reunion with his dad goes, Culkin insists it will never happen: "It's kind of the way it is. It's unfortunate, but, at the same time... he's the only father I knew and he wasn't like taking us to see the baseball games.

"As long as he's not sitting outside my door, I'm fine."

28/05/2004 20:09