LATEST: Macaulay Culkin will be one of the five witnesses called to testify against Michael Jackson in court after prosecution lawyers were given permission to present testimony about past child sex allegations against the star.

Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville ruled that five of seven cases can be admitted.

It is not known if Culkin will actually have to appear in court.

Most of the testimony will come from third party witnesses who will claim they saw Jackson molest children or "groom" the youngsters for abuse.

One of these third party witnesses could be the mother of 1993 child molestation accuser JORDY CHANDLER. Chandler himself will not testify.

His uncle RAYMOND CHANDLER says, "My nephew is not gonna testify. He's out of the country, where he cannot be found. He doesn't want to be the Michael Jackson boy."

29/03/2005 02:28