Actor Macaulay Culkin blames pop singer Michael Jackson's problems on his inability to cope with reality. The star believes Jackson is so out of touch with the world around him that when something bad happens, he withdraws even further to protect himself. He explains, "He goes inward and builds walls around himself and he buys a piece of land far, far away from everybody. "You can't assess fault anywhere - it's a reaction to the outside world." The HOME ALONE star is adamant the child molestation charges against Jackson were false and that he was taken advantage of by people looking to make money. He says, "I don't believe the allegations were true. "Those people were just dangerous, dangerous people and the one thing that I felt was that he shouldn't have let those people in his life to begin with. "After a while you learn to sniff those people out, but because he's isolated himself so much from society he couldn't. "I can't blame him for that, but at the same time it's regrettable that that's happened to him."