Macaulay Culkin insists pal Michael Jackson's admission he sleeps with young boys isn't as sinister as it seems - he and his brother KIERAN did it when they were kids.

The HOME ALONE star claims the press have made too much of Jackson's revelations, and the incidents the pop superstar refers to are harmless.

He says, "It wasn't weird. It wasn't anything we'd think about. You'd go to the movies, you'd do this and do that and you plop down and go to sleep and wake up.

"It's just like what friends do. I've slept in the same bed as a bunch of my friends. It's just kind of what happens. I fall asleep on their couch."

Culkin is also keen to support his pal as he attempts to bounce back from the scandal of dangling his baby over the balcony of a Berlin, Germany, hotel.

The actor, who is godfather to Jackson's two eldest children Prince MICHAEL and PARIS, says, "I think he's a very good father. It's so easy to tear him down. It's easy to make jokes about him because he is who he is.

"(The Germany incident) was a mistake, absolutely. He just got caught up in a moment. It just sort of happened. He's definitely remorseful. He makes mistakes like everybody else."

08/09/2003 09:08