Macaulay Culkin cheated his way into the Home Alone movies by slyly convincing casting bosses that he could memorise all his lines.

The actor, who was nine-years-old when he became a household name in the first Home Alone, worked with his father on lengthy monologues and then went to auditions and pretended he'd rehearsed the wrong scenes.

He explains, "The most important thing is you have to know your lines... They'd give me these scenes, like scene 12 and scene 20, and they were very short scenes.

"So my father, who was very clever, one of the things he did was... he'd go through the script, find the longest monologues and the longest hardest scenes for a nine-year-old to do and have me memorise them.

"So when I'd go into the room and they'd go, 'Do scene 12,' I'm a little nine-year-old; I'd go, 'I practiced scene four.' They'd go, 'Do what you know,' and the next thing you know I'm rattling off this whole thing."

28/05/2004 20:09