Former child star Macaulay Culkin struggled to cope in the wake of his overnight success in Home Alone, because even his own neighbours became desperate to catch a glimpse of him. The 26-year-old was propelled into the limelight as forgotten eight-year-old KEVIN in the hit 1990 movie, but admits the media and fan attention was sometimes unbearable. He tells the New York Daily News, "The night Home Alone opened, I woke up because I heard this scraping at my window, and I looked up and there were three faces pressed at my window. And they were my neighbours, peering in the window just to look at me. We had to have the shades drawn at all times. "Everywhere I went, adults were staring and pointing at me, pushing their kids on me, wanting me to pose with my mouth open from Home Alone. "I just wanted the attention to go away. But I knew, as the weeks, and then months, went by, that it never would. "The only thing that has changed now is that now most kids on the street don't recognise me anymore. "So when the parents start pushing their children over to me, the children don't know what's going on. They say, 'Who is he? Why should we care?'" Culkin is currently shooting new movie SEX AND BREAKFAST, a dark comedy about a couple with problems in the bedroom.