Rap newcomer Mac Miller has landed his own reality Tv show.

The Blue Slide Park hitmaker's new series will follow the hip-hop star and four of his best friends, dubbed the Most Dope Crew, as they move from their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles.

The 20 year old, real name Malcolm MCCormick, will also give fans an inside look at the making of his new album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "The show is going to be cool, it's a little look into my life... well, all the stuff you can show on Tv. I have been living in my studio for months working on my album, so the show kind of forced me to get out of that room and go do something entertaining."

The programme will air on U.S. network MTv2 early next year (13) and channel executive Paul Ricci is convinced the show will be a big hit: "Mac embodies so many of the passion points of the MTv2 audience - he's successful, talented and incredibly savvy as an entrepreneur, but he's also an authentic, funny, relatable guy. He connects with his fans on such a deep level, but he also has a likeability that will translate to a broader audience."