The young couple became romantically linked in mid-August (16), after the stars were spotted kissing during a dinner date in California. They went public with their romance at the MTV Video Music Awards days later, and Ariana reluctantly confirmed MAC was her man during an appearance on America's The Ellen DeGeneres show earlier this month (Sep16).

Now Miller has opened up about his evolving relationship with Ariana, who he first worked with in 2013, on her song The Way.

Asked how the media attention affects their relationship and work, Miller told New York radio show The Breakfast Club, "Just because we are two people who are in love and have a great relationship doesn't mean I am going to get weird about this incredible music we make."

He claims he and Ariana were "just close friends" when they previously collaborated, but after teaming up again for My Favorite Part, from Miller's new album The Divine Feminine, the stars found themselves falling for one another.

The rapper admits he would prefer to keep the attention focused on his new music, but he recognises separating his personal and professional lives isn't so easy now they're partly intertwined.

"I'm here to talk about music and I happen to be in a fantastic relationship with someone I also enjoy making music with, so those lines can get blurred very easily on what I am here trying to do," he told the radio hosts on Thursday (22Sep16).

Miller then made it clear speculation The Divine Feminine is full of songs about his budding new romance are completely false: "It's crazy to me people are, like, the whole album is about her," he laughed. "I am saying like, timetable wise, how quickly you think I can make an album?"

However, that doesn't mean he isn't constantly thinking about his girl while he's on his press tour.

"That is a true thing in my life," he smiled. "She is amazing."

Miller appears to be more willing to share information about his love life than his new girlfriend, after Ariana recently shut down questions from U.S. media personality Ryan Seacrest.

The singer wasn't in the mood to discuss her private life on 14 September (16), after Ryan referenced a sweet snap she had posted of the couple on Instagram, featuring Ariana and Miller cuddling on the floor.

The photo was captioned "baabyyy (sic)", leading many to believe she was confirming the relationship for the first time, but she challenged the assumption in her defensive conversation with Seacrest.

"If I post something, that's what I'm willing to share at the moment," she remarked. "That doesn't mean then you, Ryan Seacrest, with millions of listeners, are entitled to more information."