LATEST: Director M Night Shyamalan's battle with American TV network the SCI-FI CHANNEL to stop them screening a documentary revolves around a drowning that took place when he was 11.

The sixth sense movie maker initially cooperated with the making of the film - but backed out and is now desperate to stop it reaching the small screen.

Shyamalan, 33, has refused to reveal his connection to the 1981 drowning - which was only known as a "pivotal event" earlier this week (begs05JUL04) - and the fight with Sci-Fi Channel is getting nasty.

According to American news site PAGESIX.COM, an internal memo from network bosses claim they have been accused by the director's lawyers of "defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress" over the show.

But so far the network are winning and the show THE BURIED SECRET OF M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is scheduled to air on 18 July (04).

09/07/2004 17:35