Director M Night Shyamalan is happy Kirsten Dunst opted out of starring in his upcoming movie The Village, because he thinks Ron Howard's daughter BRYCE has proved to be perfect for the role.

Bryce, 22, came into the picture only after leading lady Dunst opted to work on Cameron Crowe's ELIZABETHTOWN last May (04) instead.

Shyamalan says, "People on the set were saying, 'Wow, we were lucky to be here when this lady was first put on film.'

"Sometimes I feel like the world tells you what it wants to happen. You say, 'Oh, I'm interested in this particular actor,' but they're not available, and you feel that's unfortunate - until you see it leads you to the perfect person. That kind of serendipity happens a lot.

"I had seen her in a play, and as soon as the thought entered my head, 'That person is the lead,' the film came into focus. Once she was decided on, it set the bar for the rest of the casting."

04/05/2004 02:11